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Episode #49 Excellence is a Developed Capability

An Interview with Coach X
November 24, 2020


Does it ever seem like some people have their whole life together naturally?  They are super positive people and everything seems to be going their way?

Were they born lucky?

Were they born with confidence?

Were they born having everything they needed to have a great life?


Many positive, successful people started off having it pretty rough.  And they had setbacks along the way.

There is always a crossroad where you get to decide...do I want to be angry & sad about life?  Or do I want to create a life I truly desire?

Today's guest, Coach X, shares how growing up without a traditional family life, having a pulmonary embolism and a heart attack have made him the positive person he is today.

Get inspired. Find your alignment, and get ready to have a life of Xcellence.


Time Stamps:

[02:34] Introducing Xavier Smith

[05:13] Life Before Becoming a Coach: Mr. XL shares his coming-of-age story riddled with deadbeat parent syndrome, anger, and frustration.

[10:42] Living a Mediocre Life: Xavier describes the all-to-familiar feeling of living by default with the anger and sadness volume turned up.

[14:40] Surviving Being Hit By A Drunk Driver: Xavier has deep conversations with himself as a teen after surviving being hit by a drunk driver. Here's the story.

[17:37] The Curious Kid: Xavier was observant and internally questioned his experiences. Seeing this happen to his cousin was lesson enough for him.

[20:24] Developing Observation Skills: Ike and Tina Turner, Gladys Knight and the Pips! Xavier's father's musical talents started by ear but where it ended influenced many of Xavier's decisions.

[23:47] Flunking the Fifth Grade: Xavier shares his non-traditional path that lead him into the military.

[27:21] Developing Discipline: Xavier's core skill of discipline was sharpened in the military but began in his younger years from his grandfather and mother.

[28:31] The Mustard Story: Coach X shares a story that made a huge impact on my own coaching journey. Who knew mustard could make such a long-lasting impact?

[36:53] An Incarceration of the Mind: Bitter, mad, furstrated, a mental incarceration that drove a determined, young Xavier until he learned how to change his energy by doing this.

[38:55] Forgiving to Live: Life started changing for the better for Xavier after her made this phone call.

[42:21] Surviving a Heart Attack at 29: This story you just have to read to get the details. Imagine being 29-years-old and suffering a heart attack?!

[55:15] Creating For Your Life: Coach X lives by this belief. Don't wait on your circumstances to align to your vision. Do the work, get help.

[01:02:08] Work with Coach X

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