Episode #178 The 100 Year Business Vision

An Interview with Roberto Candelaria
Master Business & Life Coach
October 17, 2023


This week marks the 100 year anniversary of the Disney Company. It all started with 1 man’s vision.  Although today you may be thinking about how to get your Business to work for you, what if this was the start of your 100 year business?

How can you set up your business to effect change beyond those you encounter directly? The vision you create today, the mission statement you operate under now––how does that translate to helping more people? 


Roberto Candelaria is a Master-Certified Business and Life Coach who thrives on helping people find the money gaps in their business and fix them. But our conversation in this episode goes much deeper than that. Roberto’s perspective on life and business is inspiring. He shares personal accounts of why he accidentally became an entrepreneur and how his vision and his goal of helping 10,000 women and people of color make their first million keeps driving his business forward. 


In this episode we explore

  • The 100 year business vision
  • Tips and strategies to get into it
  • The value of a simple mission statement
  • Operating the day-to-day while believing in more
  • Using corporate sponsorships 
  • Ways to bring in revenue now (that aren’t corporate sponsorships)


Time Stamps


[4:26] An Accidental Entrepreneur- Life got in the way for Roberto Candelaria to follow the career path that was “normal” for his family. Instead he became an entrepreneur who’s first goal was to simply keep a roof over his own head. 


[9:55] Creating a ripple effect within your business- Walt Disney’s vision of making people happy continues to inspire the company of Disney 100 years after its founding. Have you ever thought about how your business vision can reach people beyond who you encounter directly?


[12:15] Skillset vs. business- Who are you reaching with your skills of coaching and who are you reaching with your coaching business? 


[17:42] Your vision can be simple- Walt Disney’s original “mission statement” was three simple words. You can create effective change without writing the next Harry Potter novel for your mission statement!


[20:57] Give yourself time to be successful- If it takes you 3 months or 6 months or even longer to meet your first goal, remember it took Disney 100 years to show inclusivity and representation within their vision.


[25:34] Believe in what’s possible- The big vision for your business doesn't have to be where you want to end up. You can have a simple vision and still believe in what is possible for your business in the long run


[28:49] The what of corporate sponsorship- What exactly is a corporate sponsorship (and what isn’t)?


[34:05] Corporate sponsorships are ONE way to find money- There are some instances where a sponsorship is just the right fit. However, if you need money in your business now, there are some other ideas to consider. 


[36:39] P.C.A. Membership- Roberto’s Profitable Community Academy is a membership that is aiming to create an all-access pass to courses, support, and resources for coaches and business owners. 

[41:50] Connect with Roberto- If you are ready to find out more about P.C.A and connect with Roberto, use the links below.


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