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Episode #21 #MenToo

Time to Advocate for Male Sexual Assault Survivors
May 5, 2020

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Advocacy for those without a voice is one of the best things you can do.  We saw the healing power of the #MeToo movement for Women.  Now it is time to give the same support to men.

If you think women had a hard time coming forward, imagine how hard it is for a man.  There is disbelief that it can happen to a man.  There are additional identity fears when the perpetrator was another man.

Author and artist, Brian Cardoza, is sharing his story of surviving child sex trafficking and mental & physical abuse by his family to help other men heal.  Not only did Brian became an author to share his story, a speaker to reach others, he also founded Survivor Knights, an art based program for all survivors to have a safe space to start to express themselves.  Brian is a true beacon of hope.  

Brian will also share a few more male sexual abuse support programs.  And as always, My Freedom Grove is here for you.

For any man, woman or child - If you are currently being abused and you need help call the FREE

National Sexual Assault Hotline


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