Episode #116 Your Amazing Human Design

An Interview with Taylor V
Offer & Human Design Coach
May 13, 2022


 It's time for you to shine.  You were born to be amazing.  But your inner critic thinks there's something wrong with you.

Enough is enough.  

All those aspects of your personality that you think are flaws are actually your strengths.

My guest, Taylor V, introduces you to your Human Design.

One of the best business investments you can make is learning about yourself.

When you know yourself, you can create the most desirable experiences for your clients that they can't get anywhere else.

Entreprenuers will have inevitable success by packaging & offering their unique magic.

Together we help you explore how Human Design can help you find the Yin to your Yang for next level success.

Time Stamps:

[02:56] Introducing Taylor V - Your guide for monetizing your mission so you can create cash and change the world.

[07:14] Using your Unique Path to Help People - What you dimish, other's find valuable.  How to catch yourself and redirect.

[13:38] How Others Experience You -  Ever notice people react to you when you walk in the room, even though you haven't spoken a word?  Your human design explains it all.

[17:10] Personality Assessments Lead to Equitable Experiences - what works for some, may not work for all.  How you can step up to serve unmet needs and prosper.

[22:28] Meet the 5 Human Design Types - Learn what this means and how you know who's who.

[26:19] Manifestor - Motivating the crowd like Tony Robbins and Lisa Nichols?

[26:42] Generator - Making people's heads spin with your productivity?

[28:37] Manifesting Generator - Driven to run multiple projects at the same time?

[29:11] Projector - Keeping other's aligned with the long term vision?

[30:32] Reflector - Harnessing the waves of energy ebbs & flows?

[31:45] Work in Flow with Your Human Design - Stop suppressing your natural inclinations.  Unleash your superpowers.

[39:32] Self Reflection & Understanding - The best way to improve business partnerships and team dynamics is to know yourself first.

[41:55] Creating Yin & Yang for Your Success - how 2+ different Human Designs create the best outcomes.

[47:55] Offer Obsession - tap into your human design to create offers you & your clients love

[54:00] Explore Your Human Design - grab your chance to explore with Taylor's help


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