Episode #180 Business Tricks,
Treats, & Horror Stories

A panel interview with Donna Jennings, Martina Doleshal and Mollie Isaacks October 31, 2023


We all have them. Horror stories about work. They’re funny because they’re true. And they make you cringe, because we’ve all been there, or at least we can relate on some level. 


On this special Halloween episode, three of my dear colleagues and friends join me to share Tricks, Treats, and Horror Stories all related to places we’ve worked. 


You’ll laugh (glitter during a rainstorm, anyone?), you’ll cringe (oh no!  That sensitive email was not meant for THAT person!!!), and you’ll run screaming from the disgusting horror! It was hilarious to share and I hope you have just as much fun listening!


In this episode we explore

  • Business horror stories
  • Bad bosses and workplace challenges
  • Tricks, pranks & workplace culture
  • Treats, bonuses, & workplace recognition
  • Ewww….the gross stuff that makes you shudder

Time Stamps


[1:29] Meet three of my favorite people- Mollie Isaacs, Donna Jennings, and Martina Doleshal are here to share stories that will make you laugh, scream and go Eww.


[3:55] Spooky stories- Since we recorded on Friday the 13th, we start off with a couple spooky stories, including one with the movie Pet Cemetery and another with guest Michael Myers.


[8:36] Bad bosses- Horrible bosses may come with the territory, unfortunately, but they leave an impression. 


[18:37] Tricks that make workplace culture more fun!- Glitter and confetti in very surprising places. Have you ever had to unwrap your stapler? These pranks are great tricks for the workplace. 


[28:58] Treats come in all shapes and sizes- Sometimes treats come as a surprise, but there is also a time and a place to advocate for yourself for the treat of a bonus, title change, promotion, or extra vacation. 


[52:49] Horrors to make you cringe- What is worse? Getting licked, tricking your friends into hearing an MLM presentation, or sending a sensitive email to the wrong person? 


[1:11:03] We saved the best GROSS for last- Yes, there is poop.


[1:23:24] Connect with Donna, Mollie, & Donna- These ladies have some fabulous offerings and really great events coming up. Check them out!


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