Episode #135 Work Stress to Work Love

An Interview with Michelle Kevill
Life Coach for High Achieving Corporate Women
September 30, 2022


Work stress can be debilitating.  If you've ever found youself berating yourself, thinking you are not cut out for your job or business, this episode is for you.

Whether it's the fast pace, heavy workload or ever changing environment, emotional breakdowns may have you running for the nearest bathroom.  You do your best to embrace the Work Life Integration your company promotes, but when has it gone too far?

Do you every find yourself wondering how other people hold it together while you struggle?  What's the secret?  There has to be a way, right?

There is.  My guest, Australian Life Coach Michelle Kevill, shares the secret.  She specializes in helping high achieving corporate women to love their jobs again.

You don't have to quit your job to feel relief.  You don't have to push harder either.  In fact, Michelle has proof that doing less can actually get you promoted.


 In this episode, we explore:

  • Crying in the Bathroom is a Sign
  • Processing Emotions the Right Way
  • Doing Less Can Get You Promoted
  • Tricks for Your Brain to End Work Addiction
  • Complete Transformation is Possible


Time Stamps:

[02:15] Having Breakdowns at Work - Processing your emotions is healthy.  But when you find yourself crying the bathroom regularly it's a sign you need something more.


[05:00] Processing Emotions the Right Way Sets You Free - Who knew there was a right way and a wrong way to process emotions?  It's time for you to feel relief!


[11:15] Yes, Women are Allowed to Express Anger - Grab your sledgehammer, let's go break some sh*t...learn how new businesses are popping up to create a safe space to process your anger.


[14:00] Coaching Skills in the Workplace - How a 10 minute impromptu coaching session at work can straighten your crown so nobody knows it was ever slipping.


[16:00] Adjustment Disorder & Work Addiction - Workplace cultural norms can adversely effect you and your health.  


[22:37] Breaking the Pattern - Trick your brain with these simple hacks to gently change your engrained behavior.

[31:35] When to Reach Out for Help - Yes, we know you are strong.  That doesn't mean you have to suffer needlessly.  Let's discuss options.


 [32:47] Is Work Stress Different between Countries - Working internationally opens Michelle's eyes to patterns. She shares what she observed.


[34:25] Your Brain & Personality Can Change - It doesn't always have to feel this way.  Even engrained personality traits can change.


[40:45] Getting Proactive before Suicidal Ideation - We don't like to talk about it, but it could save a life.  We both share how we went from suicidal ideation to thriving.


[44:00]  How to Work with Michelle - She gets you because she's been where you are.  She can help.  Learn all the ways.


[47:00] 1 Shocking Piece of Advice - for Employees or Entrepreneurs that want to break free from work stress.

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