Episode #83 Wise Women Use Multiple Coaching Modalities

An Interview with Sarah Grace Powers
Life & Weight Loss Coach for Women in the 2nd Half of Their Lives
September 24, 2021


You are a whole person with a lifetime of wisdom and challenges.

We are always on a journey.  As we enter into our 40s-50s there is a natural shift.  We all go through it.  Some challenges naturally resolve, others do not.

You’ve tried a lot of self improvement and business building along the way.  But there’s still some lingering stuff starting to leak out.

It might be time to try some different modalities.  My guest, Sarah Grace Powers, introduces you to the power of Tapping (EFT), Inner Child & Quantum Physics work.

As a bonus, she also shares her wisdom from over 20 years as an Entrepreneur.


[0:41] Finding your “Soul Sisters” and “Soul Brothers” - how spending time with people with shared interests lights up your soul and makes your life enjoyable.

[5:35]  Meet Sarah Grace Powers - Wise entrepreneur & coach.  With over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Sarah knows her stuff. From starting and running a long established brick and mortar herbal health & self improvement shop to online life and weight loss coaching, she can teach us a thing or two.

[8:36]  Feminist Coach - It’s time to honestly talk about the REAL workload woman do, and the toll it takes.  Women's empowerment is a blessing and draining.

[13:42] The changes with perimenopause, menopause, and beyond menopause bring up challenges with body image, different weight management needs, finding a renewed purpose, and the leaking out of trauma.

[18:22] Unblocking your energy - How using Tapping (EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique) calms the nervous system, gets you out of Fight or Flight response, and may even help with career transitions.

[23:13]  Matrix Reimprinting - Did you know you can make your trauma vanish?  Yes, it’s possible.   Using a combination of inner child work and quantum physics, you can lovingly rewrite your beliefs so you can stop suffering.

[27:17]  Coaching Containers refers to the format (individual vs. group) and the duration of an experience.  Sarah shares the different containers she has used with her clients to set them up for success.  She also shares the details of a recent mastermind event she attended.

[34:52] Evolving niche and offers - People change and so do successful businesses. Listening to your intuition and paying attention to what your people need, so you can create it for them, is a win-win strategy

[39:28] Divine Intervention - are you resisting the signs that are being presented to you?  We both share our personal stories of when we resisted & we accepted the signs...and the impact on our businesses.

[47:56] Expand your impact - what can you do that will help even more people evolve our world?

[50:20] Leverage your natural abilities - as a writer, Sarah used blogging to support her clients and market her business.  Doing something she loved, empowered her consistency to create over 10 years worth of a full library of blogs.  Every customer has a different preferred learning style.  

[56:25] Words of Wisdom for newer entrepreneurs -  how to avoid overwhelm and confusion.

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