Episode #78 Harmony in a Politically Divided World

an Interview with Caroline Bjorkquist
Tough Conversations Coach
for Conservative Women
August 20, 2021


Diversity of thought creates the best solutions.  Allowing freedom of thought between conservatives and liberals creates harmony in families, friendships and business.

We're all human.  We all deserve to enjoy our lives and be fully expressed.  

But it’s not comfortable to do that in today’s climate.  With the right mindset, you can create comfort with anyone.  

Guest Caroline Bjorkquist, shares her wisdom and Top 10 Tips, including cheese.  What does cheese have to do with tough conversations?  Listen in to find out!


[0:39] Liberals and Conservatives living under one roof and going off to college.  How do they safely express themselves?

[4:47]  Meet Caroline Bjorkquist - outspoken conservative woman paving the way for harmony in friendships and families.  

[6:36] Tip 1:  Finding the 1 nugget of agreement.

[11:29] Tip 2:  Think like a scientist and try to prove yourself wrong.

[14:09] Tip 3:  Cheese for harmony.  What?  Listen, it’s good.

[16:16] Tip 4:  Two realities from the same ball. When you walk around and see it from their side, what will you see?

[17:40]  Tip 5: Stop shaking the ant jar.  They got along fine when left on their own.

[19:59]  Tip 6: What is holding space?  And why would you want to do it in your personal life?

[24:00] Tip 7:  And then COVID...

[28:01] Tip 8: How can you not take it personally?  How a movie theater can change your whole outlook.

[33:00] Tip 9: Want people to be kinder?  Stop triggering them.  Learn about the hidden bombs you are leaving behind unintentionally.

[39:59] Tip 10:  Real tangible friendships...vs. social media friends.  Who matters the most to you?

[47:00]  HOLD ON:  The TRUTHBOMB gets thrown!!!   You DO NOT WANT TO MISS This!!!

[49:00]  Join the conversation.  Caroline creates a safe, private space where we can talk about the tough stuff together.

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