Episode #141 Heart Healing from Loss

An interview with Wendy Sloneker
Grief Coach
November 14, 2022


You matter, my friend.  You've pushed through your feelings time and time again.  You've proven that you can hurt and still get stuff done.  But a day will come when a new loss will bring a landslide of emotions that takes you by surprise.

 As strong people. we have a belief that we should be able to handle this on our own.  

I know, I did that for decades.  And it took it's toll.  I shoved my emotions down, kept pushing through and piled up a ton of resentment.  It had an effect on how I engaged with my business, decreased my productivity and got in the way of being present for life.

All it took was 1 celebrity death to send me spiraling down.  It didn't make sense at the time.  When my Dad died, it was the catalyst I needed to finally get help.

In this very special episode, I introduce you to my grief coach, Wendy Sloneker.  Wendy has a very effective process and personality that helped me finally say "Goodbye to Pain", including a beautiful release of my former self.

Weather you experienced a loss through death, divorce, breakup, estrangement, physical health loss, aging loss, loss of trust or self identity changes, Wendy's process can help you.  Are you ready to let yourself matter?

  • The Impact of Unprocessed Grief
  • 40+ Loss Types that bring grief
  • When Resentment is Bigger
  • New Loss, Old Wound Patterns
  • A Grief Process that Works!


Time Stamps:

[05:15] The Road to Becoming a Grief Coach - When a loved one has a medical crisis and you don't feel prepared, what do you do?  How fear of loss was a catalyst for learning new tools and techniques.


[11:45] 40+ Different Types of Loss - Nobody told me this was going to hurt...but all of these losses do hurt.  


[19:05] Healing with the Heart vs. the Mind - When mindset work doesn't fully resolve the pain, it's time to put away the brain and pull out your heart.


[23:15] The Straw that Broke the Camel's Back (AKA When It's Time to Get Help) - It might not make sense when a new loss creates a huge magnitude of pain.  My friend, that one event stirred up more losses than you realize.


[27:25] When a new Loss Stirs Up Old Abandonment Wounds - When you see the pattern, it all makes sense.  Those thoughts from when you were little are back again.  


[29:05] Resentment Melting - Everybody feels resentment, even if they don't want to admit it.  Fear of being judged for your resentment gets in the way of your healing.  Here's how Wendy provided a Safe Container for pure honesty.  (I feel 50 pounds lighter after this process!)


[39:57] Supporting Someone Who is Grieving -  Would you believe that someone's well intended condolences led to decades of resentment?  Yep.  It happened to me.  And I did it to others because that's how I learned to support people.  So now what?  Wendy shares a better approach.


[46:34] Adoption as Unprocessed Grief - How can someone that grew up in a happy family still hurt?  It all comes down to the Primal Wound.


[50:48] Biased Memories - the Villian or the Saint? - We can't really process and move on without an accurate picture of reality.  Learn how Wendy's time graph helped me switch my memories to data to get emotional detachment.


[51:45] The "Goodbye to Pain" Letter - We've heard of Closure Letters before.  If left on my own, this would be a "Telling Off" letter.  Sure, venting feels good, but it doesn't bring the same level of healing.  This structured approach is very effective.  In fact, I used it as a loving goodbye to the old version of myself.


 [1:05:35] How to Heal with Wendy - It takes a special coach, with the right skillset, to help you heal from Loss.  I highly recommend Wendy.  


[1:08:45] The Impact of Unprocessed Grief on Business - Sure, you can keep pushing through.  Here's what it looks like.  With healing, however, you and your business take on a whole new light!


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