Episode #120 Discovering Your Confidence

June 10, 2022


Confidence, or lack thereof, impacts the quality of your life, business and relationships.

We all know building confidence is an inside job.  At times we hold ourselves back with fears of other people judging us for being too confident.  There's a big difference between confidence and arrogance.  You my friend, are not wired to be arrogant.  You have too big of a heart for that.

Discovering and building your confidence can only lead you down a road of good Mental Health.

Confidence building can be personal.  It can be intimate.  Really, it's just for you.  For your benefit.  

My guest, Colleen Brewer - owner of ColeB photography, uses her background in psychology and her highly developed skills in intimate photography to help you discover your authentic self confidence.  She shares client stories of how boudoir photography is a life changer at any age, gender, orientation or disability.

I have a special bond with this guest.  She's my sister.  And an incredibly inspiring entrepreneur.  She shares her story of how her life journey as an employee took an abrupt turn with unexpected, debilitating disabilities.  Hear her inspiring story of how a disabled single mom created a business to fit her life.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The inspirational spark to help the world by using psychology
  • The unexpected and sudden life change with severe disabilities
  • Having babies and managing physical disabiities
  • Turning to a creative outlet to support Mental Health
  • When art can be a viable business
  • Discovering confidence with intimate and boudoir photography
  • How photography can change the world, one person at a time
  • Discovering confidence with any age, gender, orientation or disability

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