Episode #122 How to Start a Podcast

July 7, 2022


Podcasting has been one of my favorite things about creating my business. I get to set all of my own rules. I get to talk about the subjects that are most important to me. I get to have interviews and bring people on so that we can learn about things in other people's worlds. We can learn new techniques.

Everybody gets to have a voice, and this is your chance. Imagine all of the possibilities of what you could do with the podcast. 

My guest, Kara Gott Warner, is going to teach you all about how to get your podcast up and running. She even has a really great program where she takes care of all of the tech setup for you. It’s called Podcast In A Day, it makes this an easy thing for you to do.

You have a message to share with the world. You can make such a huge impact by using your voice.  Let's get you started!


In this episode, we talk about:

  • Kara’s podcast journey, starting all the way back in 2014!
  • Her very first guest and the spontaneity of evolving your podcast.
  • Expanding your podcast to new ideas instead of scrapping it completely.
  • The wild west of podcasting, seriously, create your own rules and processes as you go!
  • Creating a podcast routine that makes sense for you.
  • Rebranding or launching a new podcast show.
  • Getting started, you need less equipment than you’d think. 
  • How much does it really cost? We share cost-friendly microphones, editing apps, and podcast hosts.
  • Podcasting with purpose, using your voice as an art form and the platforms to make an impact beyond marketing.


Time Stamps:

[01:51] Meet Kara Gott Warner - A peacock of many colors (what a wonderful description). Kara is a former Editor and Editorial Director turned certified life coach and podcast coach. Here's how she got started.


[05:28] Kara's First Podcast Circa 2014 - The Morning Cool Down with Kara Gott Warner. The progression of this podcast took on a life of it's own from recording with birds in the background to landing renowned author Hal Elrod as a first guest.


[08:33] The Wild West of Podcasting - There is no structure to the podcasting world, in many ways we're still writing our own rules. Kara shares how her podcast has evolved over years. We also both get so excited about sharing our love for this medium.


[12:40] Rebranding Your Podcast - Kara deeply believes that there are no critical mistakes when it comes to podcasting, it's all a big experiment. We're painting. Here's how she went about rebranding her podcast.


[16:12] Starting Over, Launching A New Podcast - Sometimes the evolution of your podcast comes to an end and it's time to start a new one. How can you take what you've created for a new iteration of podcasting?


[20:19] A Podcasting Routine - There are a lot of different ways to approach podcasting. The big key is to create a routine that helps you avoid Pod Fade. Here's Kara's approach.


[29:39] Starting a Podcast with Confidence - We create confidence by doing the thing. Dive in, be messy, and keep trying.


[34:35] How Much Does Podcasting Cost? - Some people have podcast paralysis just thinking about equipment, audio, and hosting costs. Kara breaks down a really easy way to jump in to bare bones podcasting or where you can invest a few dollars.


[40:37] Work with Kara Gott Warner - All I need to say is Podcast in a Day. Kara's created such a wonderful gift for those ready to kickstart their podcasting journey. Get started here!


[44:09] Podcast with Purpose - Podcasting is a great marketing tool, yes. But it can be so much more than that. It's a beautiful way to add dimension to your life. Follow Kara's advice and podcast with purpose.

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