Episode #79 Authentic Self Expression in Life and Business

an Interview with Carlos DelaPlaya
Self Expression & Life Coach
August 27, 2021


It’s time for you to shine and live life to the fullest, being authentically you.

Listen, we know how uncomfortable it is to drop the safety shackles of conformity.  How will you keep yourself safe from the haters?

My guest, Carlos DelaPlaya - Self Expression & Life Coach, shares his journey of becoming fully self expressed and having his own back in the hospitality industry. 

Being an openly gay man, dressing in  clothes and jewlery that make him feel energized, and using his unique speaking style is SO appreciated by many. Yet there were always some people that got triggered and lashed out.  Learn from Carlos the essential mindset shifts and boundary work that made life safer and more vibrant.

As an entrepreneur, your uniqueness sets you apart from everyone else.  There is a customer base looking for you.  When you can get comfortable being the real you, magic happens.

The world is waiting for your style, energy and special sauce.  People are searching for you. Experience feeling alive, free and wanted.


[0:40] Tag Team Coaching - how you're stronger when your support team includes a variety of traditional and eclectic members.

[3:04]  Refraining from Authentic Self Expression perpetuates the problem.  Discover what's possible when you are open about your sexuality.

[7:31]  You're not broken when the traditional 40 hour job isn't for you.  Embrace your preferences and strengths, including emotional sensitivity (YES, this IS a Strength).

[10:14]  There's no 1 right way to entrepreneur.  Don't fall for the hype.

[12:42]  Internal evolution to being authentically you.  Here's your permission slip.

[17:35]  External evolution reinforces who you really are.  Explore the clothing and environment that sets you free.

[24:07]  Having your own back is a muscle you can strengthen with reps.

[33:58]  Shining your light gives other's permission.  And may save a life.

[38:21] Don't misinterpret getting "Used to it" as Rejection.  It's not the same thing.

[43:00]  You know you need Carlos.  It's time for you to break free.

[46:51]  Psst...the secret step to being a successful entrepreneur that you won't find in any course

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