Episode #172 Networking + Collaboration = Possibilities

An Interview with Jillene Emerich
Leadership Coach
Leader of The Coaching Posse
September 5, 2023


For some of us, our people skills got a little rusty during the last 3 years. So networking can strike a little fear in us. Especially in-person networking. Networking and conversation has so many benefits to your business, so it’s time to dust off our [ahem] real clothes, get dressed, and go talk to people!


Jillene Emerich, Leader of the Coaching Posse is here to talk all about networking and all the possibilities connection and collaboration can bring to your business. 


In this episode we explore

  • Our upcoming (in-person) networking event: Coaching Posse Networking Extravaganza
  • Benefits of in-person networking
  • Getting out of your comfort zone
  • The power of collaborating (even with your competitors)
  • How to show up when you are networking
  • Tips for networking––before, during, & after an event

Time Stamps 


[3:55]] The Coaching Posse Networking Extravaganza- An exciting event that is happening on September 8th in Dallas, TX. It is a collaboration between many great coaches. 


[6:08] Talking to people face-to-face?! WHAT!- It feels a little less natural and a little intimidating to do things in person, but there are benefits to networking in person rather than virtually. 


[9:14] Growth comes from doing the hard things- Don’t let fear hold you back! Get in there and do the hard thing, talk to some strangers, and see where it takes you!


[14:22] It’s time to discover new possibilities- When looking at the business side, so many new possibilities come about as a result of networking and being open to new collaborations (even if they end up being with your competition).


[18:18] Two little letters (N.O.), so much fear- Putting yourself out there is scary, but there are ways to overcome the fear of hearing the word NO.


[25:16] Collaborating instead of competing- Jillene essentially worked with her competition, but it ended up creating even bigger things in her business. 


[35:45] Showing up with authenticity at networking events- How you show up is important; we are drawn to people who are authentic, not fake.


[40:46] Tips to prepare- Things you can do before, during, and after to feel calm, confident and connected. 

[49:39] It’s time to get off the fence!- ‘If you’re still on the fence, it’s because part of you wants to go, so GO!” --Jillene Emerich 

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