Episode #145 Thriving in Business by Dating Your Soulmate

An interview with Sade Curry
Dating after Divorce Coach
December 17 , 2022


Let's be honest.  Your love life can derail your business.  Divorce, being newly single, being lonely during the holidays, and the ups and downs of dating create a lot of emotional turmoil.

That emotional turmoil shows up in your business.  Yikes!  Your energy is just not the same.  Sometimes you show up frazzled, angry, snippy, or start oversharing (it's a turn off to your potential clients).  Or worse...you just stop performing your work functions.

This is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, right?  Well, I've got you my friend.  I invited my good friend Sade Curry, the Dating after Divorce coach.  She helps with divorce recovery, the full dating journey and preparing for marriage.  She takes care of You in all the best ways.

You and your business will thrive once you have your love life back in a great place.

In this episode we explore:

  • The business impact of breakups, toxic ex's and the dating rollercoaster
  • How trauma recovery and dating can happen at the same time with the right support
  • Dating Apps & Self Concept
  • Dating as a single parent
  • Dating with Diversity Values including LGBTQ+ and neurodiversities


Time Stamps:

[03:30] What is a Dating Coach? - Sure you could face the dating roller coaster on your own, but there's so much more than swiping left or right on a dating app.


[06:15] The Relationship Pitfalls of Being a High Achiever - You're an amazing person.  You do whatever it takes to save a relationship.  Even when it doesn't serve you.  How do you know you're doing the right thing for you?


[11:30] Let's Get Real.  All of this impacts your Business performance - This is a no judgement zone.  Both Sade and I experienced this too.  We'll share our experience and those of some of Sade's clients.  You may be turning a blind eye to some of the impact.


[15:55] Trauma Recovery & Dating at the Same TimeYou don't have to be 100% healed to start dating.  Keeping yourself single doesn't allow you to discover the triggers you need to heal the most.  Having a trauma recovery specialist by your side keeps you safe, actively healing and meeting your soul mate.


[18:00] It's Not Just about the Dating AppsAnyone can figure out how to swipe left and right.  How you interact with the apps, is a completely different thing.  Emotional triggers, insecurities, communicating with strangers, feeling ghosted, all the things.  Make your experience healing and enjoyable.


[22:50] What about your Kids? - Is it true that kids are seen as baggage?  What about their safety?  What about their hearts?  What about their unique characteristics?  Is there really someone out there that will love you AND your kids?  We've got success stories to share...and major mindset flips!


[30:00] What if you have special considerations?  Let's celebrate our diversities, not think they are a limiting factor.  Sade shares dating tips for LGBTQ+ and individuals & parents with children that are Neurodiverse.

 [37:00] - You can "Call In' your Ideal Partner - Your ideal partner wants you.  You are desirable.  But your wording is off because your mindset defaults to "who would want me".  Sade has a technique to share with you that is a game changer.

[41:00] Shifting Your Role in the Dating Apps You're just a person looking to date someone, right?  What if there was a different role that worked SO MUCH better?  You have to hear this!!!


[46:45] A Dating Community that Lifts You Up You've heard the old saying "misery loves company", right?  Who the heck wants misery???  That's what happens when you don't have access to the right people.  What if this was changed to "Love, empowerment and excitement loves company".  How would your dating life be different?  You have to learn about this very special community Sade offers.


[51:39] But, I'm Too Busy to Date, and other Lies We Tell Ourselves - Girlfriend, just stop.  We love you, just stop.  Sade has some things to tell you.

[56:14] How will Your Business Thrive? - How you do one thing, is how you do everything.  Sade is going to blow your mind connecting the dots for you.  You'll see it.

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