Episode #158 The Virtual Assistant Solution

An Interview with Molly Rose Speed
April 7, 2023


 How can you solve 2 problems with 1 solution?  Create a two sided business model.  It's a win -win for everybody.

My guest, Molly Rose Speed, did just that.  And her solution may be a perfect fit for you!

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or an existing entreprenuer that is ready for a different path, consider being a Virtual Assistant.  Did you know you can earn a 6 figure income being a work from home Virtual Assistant?  This is a great opportunity for individuals that enjoy the behind scene tasks and want the perks of entrepreneurship.  But wait, what about the marketing?  It's still a business right?  My friend, Molly has a solution for that too.

Through the Virtual Assistant Academy and Virtual Assistance Management programs, Molly trains and certifies professional VAs AND gets them placed with clients.  

That's where the other side of the business model comes in.  Entrepreneurs and Business Owners that need help can get paired with their perfect match VAs!  Yes, please!  Listen in for the option of direct hire vs. an agency.  There's a solution for your exact needs!

In this episode we explore:

  • What tasks are done by a VA?
  • Who makes a great VA?
  • VA vs. Operational Business Manager (OBM)
  • Schedule and Income possibilities
  • When to hire a VA and how


Time Stamps:

[05:50] Two Sided Business Model - What is it? Why you would want a 2 sided business model.  And how does it all start?


[07:15] What Does a VA Do?- Learn the 8 specifics and how you can repurpose your skills for a different path.


[10:15] Why you don't have to Market as a VA to get clients-  Ever wish you could just do your craft and not have to market?  Here's your chance.  Learn Molly's #1 secret to a full client roster.


[12:40] Introducing the Virtual Assistant Academy - Location and schedule freedom for a career built around your lifestyle.  Learn how it started and who it helps today.


[18:25] Who makes a great VA? - Is this the right path for you?  This may also be an eye opening discussion that gives you insight about your existing support team.


[21:10] Can't Stand Researching?  Some VA's love it!  Hand it to them. - We all know how important it is to get in front of your target market.  Yet, the thought of Researching makes you drag your feet.  What if you meet someone who absolutely loved to Research?  A match made in Heaven!


[23:05] Does a VA do everything under the Sun?  Oh wait...what's an OBM? - It's good for everyone to get clear on Roles, Responsibilities and the correct pricing.   Let's take a minute...


[23:43] Schedule Freedom - Love to work in the middle of the night?  Maybe just on Tuesday mornings?  You get full control of the perfect work schedule for your life!


[26:37] There's No Such Thing as a Glass Ceiling - Make a little, make a lot, it's all up to you.  Let's explore all the different combinations that help you achieve your income goals.


[30:30] Switching Gears - When is it time to hire a VA? - You don't have to do everything yourself.  There's plenty of work to go around.  Learn when it's good for business and your mental health.


[37:00] What about cost?  - You want and need your business to be profitable.  How can you leverage VAs at each stage of business to get the best Return on Investment.


[39:17] Do you Want an Employee or a Resource? - Molly shares the difference between a Direct Hire vs. Agency Support and how she can help you with both.

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