Episode #131 Becoming a Published Author

An Interview with Aditi Ramchandani
Author of The Self-Care Habit
Speaker, Life Coach & Psychedelic Guide
September 2, 2022


 Your healing journey can be the next person's medicine.  Delivering that medicine in book form has the potential to reach thousands world wide. But, where do you start?

You are in for a special treat today.  Newly published author, Aditi Ramchandani, is here to share all the details with you.

Aditi is celebrating a milestone in this episode.  This is the day her book "The Self-Care Habit" landed in bookstores Worldwide.

Aditi not only shares her personal journey healing from stress induced Bell's Palsey and Depression, she also shares her book writing and publishing journey.

Be sure to check out the section about the 3rd way to become a Published Author.  This may just be your missing piece to making your dreams come true!

 In this episode, we explore:

  • Stress induced Bell's Palsey
  • 5 Proactive Self-Care Habits to start your Wellness Journey
  • Psychedics as part of a Healing Journey
  • 3 ways to become a Published Author
  • The Process and Emotions of Writing a Book


Time Stamps:

[05:50] A 20 year old with stress induced Bell's Palsey - Nobody signs up for college planning on earning a paralyzed face.  Stress harms a body.  Proactive self care solves problems before they start.


[09:25] Heal Yourself, Then Help Others - The twists and turns of your healing journey will be medicine for others.  The vow Aditi made with depression years ago and how her life looks today.


[13:03] Where to Start - Learn 5 Self-Care habits you can start today.


[24:26] How a Book fits in a Business Model - Coaches, Healers, Educators and Speakers change the world already.  When is it beneficial to you and your clients to add a book?


[26:43] Psychedelics for Healing - Wait, they're not just for fun like in the movies?  Discover the safe, legal way to tap into a deeper healing experience.


[31:55] The 3rd way to become a Published Author - Self publishing may be easy to publish, but it's hard to get into bookstores.  Traditional publishing makes it easy to get into bookstores, but it's harder to get published.  Learn the 3rd way that brings in the best of both worlds.

[40:45] What the Writing Process is Really Like - there's writing the book and then there is the healing journey that comes with it.  Learns the ups, downs and the unexpected.


[43:25] How Long Does it Take? - What factors to consider when coming up with a do-able plan.


[54:53] 1 Key Piece of Advice for the Aspiring Author - follow this so you can see your book in Major Bookstores one day.


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