Episode #163 The Healing Power of Horses

An Interview with Denise Wilson
Freedom Equine Connectiont
May 19, 2023


Who do you turn to for healing support?  A human?  Well, yeah. I know that's a weird question.  Of course you turn to a human, right?  Wait a minute.  What about comfort animals?  Maybe my question isn't so strange afterall.

We know pets offer comfort, campanionship and unconditional love (most of the time anyway).  But, what about actual healing?  Can they help with that?

Horses can.  They have a special magic unique to them.  My guest, Denise Wilson, felt and witnessed this magic from a young age.   Fueled with a passion to help others heal from trauma, addiction and other mental and emotional health issues, Denise founded Freedom Equine Connection in Dixon, California.

Denise joins me today to share real life examples of how her organization's horses have helped with a family's House Fire Trauma Recovery, First Responder PTSD, Estranged Relationships, Suppressed Emotions, Autism and Team Building.  You'll be amazed by the versatility of horse therapy.

In this episode we explore:

  • The electromagnetic magic of horses
  • Horses heal, even if you don't speak
  • Trauma recovery with a 1200 lb healer
  • How horses repair relationships and build teams
  • Sensory issues and Social anxiety...yep horses help our Autistic loved ones


Time Stamps:

[02:00] Seen Through Horses - Horses can see you and understand you better than most humans.  They have a special magic unique to them.  Who knew their magic started as a self protection mechanism?


[06:15] Think you know what a Horse Therapy Session looks like?  Think again -  I know, you're imagining riding a horse.  That's not what happens here.  It's something much more powerful.  Denise shares examples that will leave you saying "Wow"!


[13:42] Is it a Horse, or My Daughter? - Believe it or not, one horse therapy client named the horse after her daughter.  Why?  It mirrored exactly how the daughter reacted to her mother.  It was the breakthrough moment nobody saw coming.  In fact, Denise shares several client breakthrough moments.  Grab a tissue.  This is powerful!


[22:05] How can you move 1200 lbs without your hands? - It seems impossible, right?  It feels just as impossible as getting your employees or teammates to do their work and get along.  That's when it's time to unharness your creativity.  With horse team building exercises, you'll be amazed at the new skills you'll develop!


[28:30] "When our stories change, we change" - Denise Wilson - But first you have to see your story.  This is where a horse and a movie projector have something in common.  


[38:30] Before, After, How and How Much? - You never realized how much you'd want Horse Therapy.  Where has it been all your life?  Right here in Dixon, California...even accessible by plane trip.  Learn all the details here about how this all works.

 [48:55] Help the Non-Profit so they Can Help Those in Need - A true healer at heart, Denise offers scholarships to those that need Horse Therapy but lack the funds.  YOU can help.  Learn how to donate to the Seen Through Horses fundraising campaign in May and to Freedom Equine Connection throughout the year.

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