Episode #75 Content Marketing by Design

an Interview with Yong Pratt
Content Gold Mining Expert
July 31, 2021



It’s time to get noticed with content marketing.  Your voice, story and knowledge have been hidden away for too long! 

Design your platform with your clients’ learning style and your human design in mind.  

Yong Pratt is a podcast and Content Gold Mining Expert.  She shares her secrets to calm overwhelm by repurposing content, automation, creative ways to enlist help, and solopreneur work life balance.  

You won’t want to miss her preview of industry trends for podcasting and how to Amplify Your Awesome.


[2:29] Marketing is a vital part of your Business Models.  Which type of marketing is the right approach for you?

[5:10] Meet Yong Pratt - she started podcasting years ago to promote her brick and mortar business.  Now she brings her genius to help you!

[9:14] Pick the best format that works for your client  - an intro to Learning Styles

[14:35] Where are you a natural?

[17:53] How to be omnipresent without the overwhelm

[20:34]  Asking for help is good for you and the next generation!

[28:19]  Can solopreneurs do it all?  Insights into work life balance

[36:23]  Stop working against yourself.  Learn how to work with your Human Design.

[42:53] Let the Gold Mining Begin! Automation, repurposing and creating new streams of revenue.

[50:11]  Get on the trends while they're HOT!  Podcasting is about to get a huge boost by Facebook.

Guest Links
  • Get your podcast up, running and in front of a huge audience. Check out Yong Pratt's  Podcast Launch Pad.  Enroll before August 9, 2021.
  • Course creators & coaches, ready to tap into your Content Gold Mine?  Visit YongPratt.com
  • Where can you find your content?  Use Yong's Content Goldmine Map.


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