Episode #112 Journaling for Self Discovery

An Interview with Jen Laffin
April 15, 2022


Your journal can be there for you when you need it the most.  Often times we need a safe place to share our most honest thoughts and feelings.

Writing & Life Coach, Jen Laffin, addresses initial concerns you may have that block you from journaling.

Feel the freedom that comes with self expression.  Experience the objectivity of words on paper as you begin a journey of self discovery.

Whether you have healing or big dream creation on the horizon, journaling is your best first step.

Jen also shares tips for how to use your journal to prepare for crucial conversations and showing up as the next version of yourself.  

Also learn how your journal can set you up for success starting a new business and doing social media marketing.


Time Stamps:

[03:50] Overcoming Fear of Your Journal Being Read by Others - some clever tricks, including one that will make you laugh!

[06:32] The Purpose of Journals - it's so much more than you realize.

[09:38] Breakthrough Getting Started - Writer's Block?  Use this easy method to get your pen flowing today.

[15:40] Ditch Perfection, Let it Flow - the journal is for your eyes only.  Have fun with it.  Use pictures instead of words if you want to.  There are no rules here.

[18:50] Express Triggered Emotions - the healthy thing is to get your emotions out in the moment.  Learn how a journal is a great relationship saver.

[23:42] Leave Your Inner Judge Out - we all have one.  But she doesn't deserve a spot looking over your shoulder as you journal.

[24:44] The Benefits of Journaling by Hand - not only do you have more creative license with drawing and writing, you will benefit in other ways too.  Check it out.

[28:20] Identity Shifts are Easier with Journaling - evolving into your best self?  Your journal can hlep you decide ahead of time how you want to show up.

[35:51} A Journaling Community - new thoughts and discussions flourish when you belong to a growth community.  This may just be your new favorite place!

[37:59] Repurposing Journal Writing for Social Media - are you a business owner?  Want to attract clients?  Your journal holds the key.

[46:04] Unlock Your Voice with the Help of Jen -  You've journaled before.  But have you gone deep?  Jen helps you get amazing breakthroughs and transformations.

[47:41] Hot Tip - How Journaling Can Help Your Business - what?  Yep.  Stay to the end to find out how.

Recreating You - Journaling Workshop

Register at jenlaffin.com/journaling

Registration is now open

The 4-week workshop runs 5/14 - 6/4

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