Episode #176 Calm Your Nervous System

An Interview with Maureen Kafkis
The Brain BS Coach
October 3, 2023


Overwhelmed, on edge, snappy, irritable, & reactive. Chronic pain, sensitive to sensory stimuli, trouble sleeping, & daytime fatigue.  I’m willing to bet that NONE of these are the reasons you went into business or became a coach. But if any of these describe the way you feel at times (or all the time) then your nervous system is dysregulated! 


It is so important to take care of your mind as well as your body, and calming down your nervous system is part of that. And if you can do that, it will help you make a lot of progress in your business and have a better quality of life. 


Maureen Kafkis is the Brain BS Coach and creator of the course Mastering Brain BS for the Struggling Coach.  This course, and all her work, can help you work on feeling calm, centered, and grounded in your success, no matter the stage of your business. 


In this episode we explore

  • Nervous system dysregulation
  • Feelings and reactions that go deeper than thoughtwork
  • Tips for calming the nervous system 
  • Emotional and mental health in business
  • Overcoming fear in business


Time Stamps

[1:18] Nervous system dysregulation as an obstacle- Mindset and process can be some of the obstacles you encounter in business, but a dysregulated nervous system could be contributing to this.


[3:53] Do you feel panicky, anxious, or scared of what others think?- If you do, you might have a nervous system that is dysregulated. Have you considered that before? 


[5:50 ] What are the triggers?- Unacknowledged trauma could be triggering your nervous system, and calming yourself goes deeper than thoughtwork. 


[7:53] It turns out a dysregulated nervous system is quite common- Do you find yourself taking responsibility for the way other people feel? Or worrying about what others will think of you? You might already be triggered, and not even realize it. 


[12:47] Success can happen at any age, any stage- Maureen is a self-identified late-bloomer, and she has found her best success by doing things her own way. She shares her journey from occupational therapist to life coach and entrepreneur. 


[24:08] So, how do we even calm down?-  A Brain Drain and acronym (F.E.A.R) are some of the tools you can use to start to calm your dysregulated nervous system. 


[28:50] But…I’m the breadwinner of my family- If you are under some financial pressure, it’s still important to focus on your personal growth. This can be so challenging, but if you can take the right steps, in the right order, you will find success.


[35:01] Is it me or is it you?- It's time to get comfortable with what you need to do vs. what others are projecting that you should or shouldn’t do. 


[37:55] Find an emotional release!- It is imperative that you find a way to allow yourself to feel the feelings. And then…LET IT GO! It might take some practice, and trial and error, to get better at releasing your emotions. 


[49:06] I’m a struggling coach––can I master the Brain BS??- If you are ready to start making decisions from a place of self-awareness and trust rather than unacknowledged trauma, then Maureen’s course can help you overcome challenges you’re facing. 

[58:20] Connecting with Maureen- Find Maureen, her course, and all the other great work she is doing on her website. And check out The Brain BS Podcast too!

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