Episode #95 Getting Unstuck

An Interview with Stacey Uhrig
December 17, 2021

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I love my mindset and business tools.  They work on everything.  However, when I found myself stuck for 6 months working on one obstacle, I knew I needed to try a different modality.   I shifted from working with my conscious mind to working with my unconscious mind with the help of Stacey Uhrig.

Stacey Uhrig uses a transformational therapy to discover the core belief created in childhood that is holding you back.  With a safe method of hypnosis, she helps you redefine the core belief (on your terms) so you can get unstuck.  If you’re willing to be suggestible, you can have any result you want.

In today’s episode, I’m getting vulnerable by sharing all the details of my experience with Stacey and this amazing therapeutic approach. This episode was an extraordinary, full-circle moment for Stacey and me.  She started as my client, and then became the coach I needed. 

This is a value packed episode!  Stacey goes above and beyond by sharing details of working with the subconscious, Command Cell Therapy and the Healing Vortex.  If you're stuck, you have so many options to try.  Your solution is waiting for you.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • the practice of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) coined by Marisa Peer
  • using Hypnosis for rapid transformation
  • my six-month-long struggling circumstance. (I share all the details)
  • the process of how I used RTT with Stacey to get unstuck
  • Command Cell Therapy and the Healing Vortex
  • Stacey’s ride-or-die relationship with anger
  • the truth about Rapid Transformational Therapy. More specifically, being suggestible and being safe when going back to moments in your past.


Time Stamps:

[03:19] Introducing Stacey Uhrig

[04:27] What is Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT): Rapid Transformational Therapy combines Hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Psychotherapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies. Here's the background!

[06:35] Using Hypnosis for Rapid Transformation: It's all about getting to the alpha brain state and letting the subconscious be forward-thinking. This is why.

[09:56] A Story: The Impact of Core Beliefs: A mind-shifting example of how your core belief shapes your thoughts! Wow - this one is so good.

[12:19] My Struggling Circumstance: I decided it's time to get vulnerable and share this struggle I've been having for well over six months.

[13:52] Using RTT to Get Unstuck: There was a process to overcome this obstacle. I'm walking through the sessions that Stacey and I did together.

[16:52] Connecting My Feelings As A Young Girl To Feeling Stuck Today: Connecting to me washing dishes at a kitchen sink as a young girl is not a memory I thought would unlock me getting unstuck now. But it did. Here's what I uncovered for myself.

[22:32] A Very Important Shift For Me: Now, six weeks after my session with Stacey, this is how my lens through which I see my work and how I work with others has changed.

[25:07] Command Cell Therapy: I didn't use this in my session, but Stacey shares how the idea behind command cell therapy to reinstate a cell to its original blueprint.

[26:35] The Healing Vortex: Stacey introduces us to another modality that uses visualization to remove toxins at different levels of your body and releases them through the bottom of your feet.

[29:39] Anger Was Stacey's Ride Or Die: You have to listen to this story Stacey tells about how she gave anger, her ride or die, a different job. It's so good!

Being Honest About RTT: Others may worry about the suggestible side of RTT. Is the therapist going to reprogram what you believe? Here's the truth.

[35:36] Being Suggestible

 [41:39] Being Safe When Going Back

[52:16] Connect With Stacey

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