Customized 1:1 Business Journey


Design, Build and Optimize your Business while taking care of Your Mental Health.  

I use a holistic Business & Life approach to ensure that you have all your bases covered.

My Coaching Style and Visual Tools are a great fit for all, especially those with a neurodiversity or mental health challenge.

We'll Mix & Match the services below to meet your business needs.

I'm ready to take the 1st step
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Design - Big Picture to Nitty Gritty Details


As a Manifesting Generator, Strategist and Seasoned Project Manager,  I have the ability to help you develop your Big Picture Vision and every single detail to make it a reality. 

We start with Vision and harness the Law of Attraction.  I then convert your Vision into multiple Visual Management tools.

➡️ Customer Value Propositions, Value Ladders and Customer Journey maps

➡️ Product/Services design to every last detail

➡️Detailed, Customized Funnel Maps 

➡️ Funnel Simulation software for accurate targets

➡️ Detailed Build Plans for Product/Services and Funnels.

➡️  Data Driven Experiments & Optimization 

➡️ Facebook Ad strategy, setup and analysis 

 You will have the confidence and capability knowing exactly what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.  If you want to delegate, we'll also work on who does what and all the handoffs in between.

Build - Done with You

Say goodbye to tech overwhelm and focus challenges.  Our 1:1 sessions allow up to 2 hours per week of "Learn by Doing

➡️ Products/Services
➡️ Sales Funnel Pieces
➡️ Canva graphics
➡️ FB & IG Ads
➡️ Online Calendars
➡️ Systems Integration & Automation

Kajabi expert for building websites, courses, memberships and automation.

Able to help on most software platforms.

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Nikisha K.

"Our first session was phenomenal because she assisted me in getting real clear on my financial goals and actually putting a plan in place.  After 3 months of working with Gretchen, the plan paid off. I went from earning $30K a year to earning $30K for the month of January 2022! Her ability to help me get clear on my process and goals was the key I needed to succeed." Read more
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Terry P.

"I hired her as a business coach and never imagined how much more I would gain from her program.  She helped me create a clear plan and vision in order to help me move forward.  More importantly she was able to go at my pace and help me move through things that came up during the process."
Read more

Mental Health & Soft Skill Development

Understand the psychology that makes you Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA) tick.

 Through the use of The Customer Journey, The Change Curve, The Coaching Model, Drama Triangle & Empowerment Triangle, ABC models and Root Cause Assessment tools, you'll be able to pinpoint your effort for maximum impact.

Double duty - these same tools help you resolve any personal obstacles challenging your business, mental health or relationships.  YOU are important. The oxygen mask always goes on you first.  We need a healthy you to run your business.

I'll hold your hand through the discomfort of Customer Research, designing your effective product, and the technical pieces to ensure you build it so they buy it.

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Carin M.

" Gretchen is one of the most empowering, supportive and encouraging coaches you will ever meet!  She has a style borne of processes and a sincere desire to help you attain any goal you’re wanting to reach for. Her genuine belief in your ability and the valuable contribution you offer is unparalleled. And, in that belief you will find your resilience and the desire to move forward knowing you have a true supporter and coach at your side. Gretchen’s process will help identify the tasks that are needed to get you to your goal and then break those down into bite sized, doable chunks that help to make you feel accomplished and successful." Read More
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Stacey U.

"I engaged Gretchen Hernandez for her 3 month coaching program and it's been a game changer. As someone entering the mindset coaching space herself, I sought guidance from someone already navigating the space successfully.
Working with Gretchen became so much more than I expected.
I learned new ways and strategies to work on my own personal development. Gretchen taught me how to reframe thoughts about experiences I had 20-30 years ago that were still holding me back.". 
Read more.
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Optimize - Process, Schedule & Conversions

Enjoy facilitation & coaching for Optimization.  Gain Clarity and a sense of Calm with a structure you can see.  Sit back and relax.  You do the talking, I'll document and organize all of your words and ideas.  It's easier to stay objective and focused when everything is out of your head and on "paper".  

Decrease overwhelm with documented processes and schedules. Streamline, automate, delegate and have accurate calendar tracking. Save time and restore the calm.

Take the stress out of sales.  With custom made dashboards, data analysis and structured experiments I'll help you optimize your sales funnel to increase your conversions. 

➡️ Process Maps

➡️ Customized Business Dashboards

➡️ Organized Funnel links

➡️ Yearly planning & scheduling

➡️ Launch & standard social marketing

➡️ Weekly Routine Schedule


You can have the best product/service in the world, however, if your pricing models and money management is off, you may struggle to make a sustainable income.

You're in business to create an income.  It's OK.  Everyone needs to make an income.  Know that many compassionate entrepreneurs have mindset obstacles when it comes to price.  I know, I've been there.  We just want to help people.

We'll use Mindset and Money tools to help you always have profits, a steady paycheck, taxes and expenses covered.

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Mindset & Identity Evolution

Step across the bridge to your new identity as a successful business owner.  When you get to the other side you'll live your new normal, feeling alive and full of self gratitude.  The time between now and then may feel yucky.  I've got you.  You will get through this.

You may find yourself learning how to set boundaries, overcome shiny object urges, finding your worth and self love, getting comfortable being visible, resolving triggers, overcoming social anxiety, personal & professional relationship dynamics, fitting in parenting duties and learning to love feedback.

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Jaime J.

"I started working with Gretchen right after I had made a major decision to leave my corporate job and pursue my dream of becoming a coach.

Gretchen uses tools and mindset work that are extremely effective and helped me process through not only my big job change, but many other mental blocks I was dealing with. Mental Health is important to me… and I have been working on mine for quite some time. I had been seeing a therapist, reading self-help books, researching and listening to podcasts, but it wasn’t until I started to work with Gretchen that I was able to truly see results and change within myself!"  Read More

Customized Plan to Meet You Where You're At

Your business journey and identity evolution timeline is your own.  Your circumstances, capabilities and needs are unique.  1:1 services are offered in 3 month increments so you have a customized experience.  You may request a longer duration up front or re-enroll at any time.

What's Included:

  • 12 weekly zoom sessions (up to 2 hours)
  • Between call support
  • Online Course: Wired for Success - How to Use The Clarity Steps
  • The Clarity Steps workbook, Google Jamboard and other tools as needed


  • Inclusion in Unshakable Business Co-Lab Facebook group

Note: Business Co-Lab Facebook group is only available for active clients.

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