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Personal Evolution & Decisions to Support Your Mental Health

A time comes where you want a different life.  You've been the strong, responsible one for so long.  You put everybody else's emotional needs first, while keeping your needs unvoiced or deprioritized. 

You like to keep the peace.  But the extra effort, responsibility and sacrifice made your inner dialog anything but peaceful.  The mental health challenge has manifested in your body as physical pain, tightness in the chest, and stomach issues.

Resentment, anxiety and depression are all weighing heavy on you.  Life feels really hard.

You deserve a life you actually enjoy.

I want to enjoy life

You're at a love it or leave it stage


Love It - Changes could be made that will empower you to love you current life again.  There may be new skills, tools or perspectives that will empower you to change the whole dynamic and feel better.

Leave It - You question if the effort is worth staying.  You love the idea of personal evolution.  You are ready for it.  Craving it, actually.  Should you just make the leap and start in a less triggering environment?

Feel better by making a decision, healing, evolving and living peacefully.

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Let good Mental Health be your goal

When you make your goal "Do whatever to make this situation work", you may compromise your Mental Health and the Mental Health of those around you.

When you make your goal "Do whatever to change to a different situation," you may again compromise Mental Health.

When your goal is good Mental Health, you are focused on decreasing the number of bad days, the frequency & duration of bad times and the intensity of the bad times.

Intentionally create authentic peace, harmony and win-win situations.  Everybody's Mental Health is nurtured.

I Want More Good Days

Personal Evolution

You can heal and evolve into the next version of yourself in any location.  Each will have it's benefits.

As we work together, I will help you envision everything about Future You.  All the characteristics.  The energy you bring to the world.  The way you interact with the world and how everyone interacts back.  We'll leverage the Law of Attraction by getting very detailed about all aspects of your life. 

I know, you'll scoff to yourself thinking "Yah, but it's not possible."  Change like that is too hard.  And I can't change other people.  Not so fast, my friend.  I have tools you've never used before.

You can become Future You.

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Karen N.

"I got mad!  I got super mad!  Why can't these people at work not understand!  Why don't they just do their jobs! Yes, that was me three months ago.  I got angry at work, and could not control my anger.  I was yelling at every supervisor I could find, so I went home after only being at work for an hour that day, contacted Gretchen the next day, and I have not looked back.
Gretchen taught me how to change my mindset.  Through her one-on-one coaching, she blew my mind when I realized I didn't have to get angry anymore.  She taught me how to identify the thoughts that make me angry and to swap it out with another thought.  Her workbooks and podcasts have me learning, and growing every day.  I am a better person thanks to Gretchen."


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The Butterfly Effect Starts with You

When you change, everything around you changes to adapt.  There's no choice.  It's nature.

I'll teach you the change curve.  Every human goes through the same 7 stages for any change they experience in life. When you change, it starts the other person's change curve too.

First you'll learn and apply techniques so you process your own change and get to the "happy side".   Then you'll be skilled to help others do the same.

Everyone adapts and thrives with the change.

I'm Ready to Make a Change

Get Objective with Mindset and Business Tools

Your thoughts create your reality. 

The biggest gift you can give yourself is objectivity.

Mindset and business tools help make all of the the facts, thoughts, feelings, actions and outcomes visible.  We'll be able to see all of they dynamics that are happening.

I am the independent third party.  I see facts.  I help you learn the skill of teasing apart facts from thoughts.  

My priority is your mental health.  I will help you challenge your mindset, including the beliefs systems that may be causing you to suffer.

Bad things may have happened in your past.  Really bad things.  That doesn't mean you have to keep suffering from them.  I honor and respect your mindset and everything that has happened.  If you choose, I can help you reframe the past to give you emotional relief and healing.

Create the reality you actually want.


Decisions Will Get Made

Indecision causes angst.  It keeps your mind spinning with planning for multiple paths and outcomes.  Often times, it creates distress for everyone involved.

Decision and prioritization tools will help you make the best decision for your Mental Health and Future You.

Calm your mind. Make Peace with your decision. Move Forward in harmony.

I Want Help Making a Decision
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Paul K.

"I am here to say how my life has changed by my coach, mentor and new friend Gretchen.  She was able to solve circumstances in my life through her extensive education and ability to find root causes to life's adversities.

 I finally realized that you can not solve and be content in life situations without help. 

Our mindset is very important in the way we feel daily.  If you keep swirling about past, present or future decisions, Gretchen is just a text or email away.  Gretchen CAN and WILL help you thru real life situations you can't handle on your own."

Get in the Arena & Experiment

This is not a paper and pencil experience.  This is your life.

Structured experiments will evolve your capabilities, confidence and personality.

There is no such thing as failure, only learning and growing.

You will learn many things about yourself.  You won't get everything right the first time.  And other people in your life may not respond how you dream (the first time).

However, through multiple experiments you will discover win-win solutions. 

You will get good at being the new version of you.


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What Can We Work On Together?

This is your time to have it finally be all about you!  This is a no judgement zone. 

You can let it all out.  It is a confidential environment.  You don't have to worry about any of your statements getting back to co-workers, bosses, family or friends.

This list contains examples:

  • Boundaries, Self Advocacy
  • Self Love, Body Image & Authentic Expression
  • Depression, Anxiety or Anger reduction
  • Neurodiversity
  • Personal & Professional relationships
  • Anything LGBTQ+
  • Race and diversity
  • Work Stress
  • Work layoffs, termination or quitting
  • Professional development, position or job change
  • Side gigs or exploring entrepreneurship
  • Moving locations

During our Consultation call, we'll discuss you specific needs.

Yes, I'm Ready. How do we start?
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Pierre W.

"I hold Gretchen in the highest regard, and endorse her coaching style and methods to addressing hurts, habits and hang-ups.  Working with Gretchen I was able to achieve challenging career objectives, improve my personal and professional relationships and focus on a greater balance in my life.  I would say she is the complete package, focused, reflective, practical and supportive.  I would recommend Gretchen and her coaching without any reservation."

3 Month Increments to Meet You Where You're At

Your personal journey and timeline is your own.  Your circumstances, capabilities and needs are unique.  All 1:1 services are offered in 3 month increments so you have a customized experience.  You may request a longer duration up front or re-enroll at any time.

What's Included:

  • 12 weekly zoom sessions (1 hour)
  • Between call support
  • The Clarity Steps workbook



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