Men, it's time for you to THRIVE, not just survive


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You're working so hard to help others and make them happy...yet it is leaving you depleted, resentful and discouraged 

  • You're drowning in overwhelm and wondering if you're really cut out to do this
  • You want to help them, but you're starting to doubt your capability
  • What if you put in the effort and it doesn't work?
  • You want to be authentic, but secretly worry about other people's reactions
  • Your goals & dreams are important to you and you want to make them happen, but you don't want to sacrifice your health
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Does my client's struggle sound familiar?

Steve* was actively building his online business to transform lives.  Mixed with enthusiasm and hesitancy, he wanted and needed this to work.  He had a family to support. Interested clients approached, but insecurity about his abilities and preparation left him frozen.  He had failed at business before.  He didn't want a repeat. He looked to other men in his life for inspiration.  His anxiety got worse as he compared success and education levels.  His parents' voices from the past didn't help either.  As he put in late hours to compensate, his relationship with his wife eroded to the point that she was ready to leave him.

Steve was grateful to have support for all aspects of his life.

Steve was working with me for business coaching.  What he got was a quick pivot to save his relationship, figure out how to have enough income to cover his expenses and believe in himself so he could get back to creating his dream.  

Note: Steve's name has been changed to protect his anonymity.  All member's privacy is protected.

What if?

You could develop effective business, connection and helping skills


Get relief from your struggles

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Online Men's Group Coaching & Development Community

Anchored around The Clarity Steps goal achievement system, you will have the support you need to become Unshakable and Unstoppable in Life & Business.

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1:1 Coaching in a Group Setting

During 2 coaching calls each week, members take turns getting customized 1:1 coaching with Gretchen Hernandez.  Topics may include life, business or a combination of both.

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Self Paced Online Courses

Get relief & develop skills in Mindset Coaching, Helping People through Defense Mechanisms, and using The Clarity Steps to achieve any goal and take care of your mental health. Learn more.

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Hi, I'm Gretchen Hernandez, your Business Process and Mindset Coach.

My main focus is your mental health and success on your terms.  I celebrate your authenticity and believe in you always.  I bring you comfort, light your fire and get you into action.

I am able to help any person with any problem. I leverage my 25 years in the Biotech world as a Scientist and Cultural & Business transformation coach to help you. My tool chest is immense and available to you when you need it.

I'm a Mental Health, Diversity & Inclusion and LGBT advocate and a wife & mother of 5 in a blended family.  Empowerment, conflict resolution and relationship building are my strong suits.

I'm a Brene Brown fan.  I believe in the power of courage and vulnerability.  I lead by example and share honestly with you. I'll get you in the arena experimenting, learning and growing.

I am your safe home base.  I'm dedicated to being with you through it all.

Our members are from all over the world.  See what they are saying.

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Jason H. (Australia)

"The Unshakable Program helped me rapidly make progress where slow or no progress would have otherwise been made."
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Chris N. (Canada)

"Gretchen inspired me to test and learn from my results, so I could adjust as needed in order to finally achieve my goal."
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Dale W. (U.S.)

"The Unshakable Program is very well designed, coherent and extremely informative. Highly recommended."
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Want to talk to one of our members to ask questions about their experience?  email [email protected]

The Support & Tools You Need To Thrive in Life & Business

Your monthly membership includes:

  • 2 coaching calls every week (life & business)
  • 24/7 access to library of recorded coaching calls
  • 3 self paced online development & relief courses


  • Business Model Design
  • Business Process Design
  • Sales Funnel & Metric Design
  • eMail support from Gretchen
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Emotional Freedom

Reclaim your peace and joy.  Redesign your thought processes to release past pains and enjoy your life.

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Unshakable Authenticity

Grow to celebrate your authentic self and the value you bring.  Discover your courage, capability and confidence.

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Amazing Relationships

Create relationships that work for you personally and professionally.  Grow unconditional love, respect and appreciation.

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Unstoppable Purpose

Ignite the fire within you & create your legacy at work, in your community or running your own business without fail.

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Pierre W. 

"Working with Gretchen I was able to achieve challenging career objectives, improve my personal and professional relationships and focus on a greater balance in my life."
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Paul K.

"She was able to solve circumstances in my life through her extensive education and ability to find root causes to life's adversities." 
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Niall O.

"With Gretchen's guidance I learned the skills needed to see and solve long standing problems."
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