What's it Like to Work with Gretchen?

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Nikisha K.

"Working with Gretchen has been a life changing experience. At first I was hesitant due to the scarcity mindset holding me back, but I decided to let go and jump in. Our first session was phenomenal because she assisted me in getting real clear on my financial goals and actually putting a plan in place.

She helped me grow my business from $41K to $90K. Her systems sold me, but she helped me in many more ways.

Her ability to help me get clear on my process and goals was the key I needed to succeed." 

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Dr. Sonia W.

"Working with Gretchen is like a dream come true. Her organizational skills are off the charts! It's her superpower.

She takes care of everything so that my overanalyzing anxious brain can focus on the important aspects of coaching and helping my clients grow.

Let me just tell you, you need Gretchen in your life and in your business! It does not get better than working with Gretchen."

How Do I Work with Gretchen?
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Delma C.

I was feeling anxious and lost. I needed to create money because I was running out of reserves and that fear of running out of money had me paralyzed. I didn't know what to do first, where to focus and I also needed to re-commit to my niche.

During our work together I learned to start putting myself out there and network with people. You got me out of my safe cocoon where no one knew about me and you helped me build self-empowerment to show up at different networking opportunities. I love how you helped me map out my content through the customer journey. I still use this map today to create content.

You got me to do 3 webinars! I was so scared but with your encouragement and belief in me, I did it.

If you're looking for organization, clarity, and accountability invest in time with Gretchen!

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"I started working with Gretchen because the way I was trying to build my business felt very random and chaotic.

It felt like I was throwing things against a wall to see what stuck. Not very much was sticking, but I didn’t know why.

Gretchen helped me get clarity on this and decide on some processes that helped me streamline the way I was doing things.

Developing the scaffolding of a successful business has made it much easier to build a successful business.

Thanks, Gretchen!"

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Ann Y.

"Gretchen you have helped me change my life.  You have  enabled me to find confidence and clarity and have provided me with the tools I am now able to use on my own. You have been my North Star from tears to triumph and I value the journey we had together."

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Michele O.

"Working with Gretchen for an extended amount of time has benefited me in multiple aspects of life. She brings her whole heart to coaching and can coach on a variety of topics. From the startup Solopreneur to established bigger businesses, her systems and procedures streamline all your business goals and aspirations. She will help you see your thinking and all the ways you want to move forward."

How do I work with Gretchen?
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Jaime J.

"I started working with Gretchen right after I had made a major decision to leave my corporate job and pursue my dream of becoming a coach.

Gretchen uses tools and mindset work that are extremely effective and helped me process through not only my big job change, but many other mental blocks I was dealing with. Mental Health is important to me… and I have been working on mine for quite some time. I had been seeing a therapist, reading self-help books, researching and listening to podcasts, but it wasn’t until I started to work with Gretchen that I was able to truly see results and change within myself!

Gretchen is kind, she is an empathetic listener, she motivates, she does not do things for you but teaches you the tools and techniques you need to overcome whatever obstacle you are facing and her coaching style is extremely effective! Thanks to Gretchen I now have a growth mindset, emotional freedom and the courage to become a coach so that I too can help people.

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Chris N.

"Gretchen has a no-nonsense approach.

The most important quality of a coach for me is their willingness and ability to listen to truly hear what I am trying to say.

Gretchen listened to understand, then with the utmost compassion, she asked powerful questions to guide me through the Clarity Steps to potential solutions. Emphasis on potential, because she then inspired me to test and learn from the results, so that I could adjust as needed in order to finally achieve my goal.

If you are feeling strong or feeling fragile, Gretchen will meet you there and empower you to find exactly what you are looking for, with a side of what you need."

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Stacey U.

"I engaged Gretchen Hernandez for her 3 month coaching program and it's been a game changer. As someone entering the mindset coaching space herself, I sought guidance from someone already navigating the space successfully.

Working with Gretchen became so much more than I expected.

I learned new ways and strategies to work on my own personal development. Gretchen taught me how to reframe thoughts about experiences I had 20-30 years ago that were still holding me back. Reframing my own thoughts on past experiences has showed me how easily I can release things that were no longer serving me in the present. I highly recommend Gretchen for anyone seeking peace in their own lives."

How do I work with Gretchen?
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Carin M.

"Are you stuck in the muck and having trouble figuring out what your next step is to move forward? Not sure what to do to meet your goal? Then you’ve found the best person to help you not only identify what is truly going on, but assist with creating the next right steps for you. Gretchen is one of the most empowering, supportive and encouraging coaches you will ever meet!

She has a style borne of processes and a sincere desire to help you attain any goal you’re wanting to reach for. Her genuine belief in your ability and the valuable contribution you offer is unparalleled. And, in that belief you will find your resilience and the desire to move forward knowing you have a true supporter and coach at your side. Gretchen’s process will help identify the tasks that are needed to get you to your goal and then break those down into bite sized, doable chunks that help to make you feel accomplished and successful.

Just like any good coach you think of, Gretchen is there on the sidelines cheering you on, supporting your efforts with positive suggestions and authentic, inquisitive checkpoints to make sure things are going well for you. I can honestly say, I wouldn’t be where I am at today if I hadn’t crossed paths and worked with Gretchen. She helped give me the tools and the nudge to ask the questions that helped me get out of my own head and way, dial in on my niche and create my offer.

There is no need to remain on the fence - your investment in yourself by working with Gretchen will undoubtedly payoff in a myriad of ways! "

How do I work with Gretchen?
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Pierre W. 

"I hold Gretchen in the highest regard, and endorse her coaching style and methods to addressing hurts, habits and hang-ups.  Working with Gretchen I was able to achieve challenging career objectives, improve my personal and professional relationships and focus on a greater balance in my life.  I would say she is the complete package, focused, reflective, practical and supportive.  I would recommend Gretchen and her coaching without any reservation."

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Jason H.

“The Unshakable program gives me the tools, the guidance and support I need to work through things that would otherwise be unsaid by breaking it down and removing the stigma of discussing. Helping to rapidly make progress where slow or no progress would otherwise be made.

Gretchen has a unique way of working you through your goals or problems that gets you the clarity that you only dreamed of!”

How do I work with Gretchen?
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Paul K.

"I am here to say how my life has changed by my coach, mentor and new friend Gretchen.  She was able to solve circumstances in my life through her extensive education and ability to find root causes to life's adversities.

 I finally realized that you can not solve and be content in life situations without help. 

Our mindset is very important in the way we feel daily.  If you keep swirling about past, present or future decisions, Gretchen is just a text or email away.  Gretchen CAN and WILL help you thru real life situations you can't handle on your own."

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Karen N.

"I got mad!  I got super mad!  Why can these people at work not understand!  Why don't they just do their jobs! Yes, that was me three months ago.  I got angry at work, and could not control my anger.  I was yelling at every supervisor I could find, so I went home after only being at work for an hour that day, contacted Gretchen the next day, and I have not looked back.
Gretchen taught me how to change my mindset.  Through her one-on-one coaching, she blew my mind when I realized I didn't have to get angry anymore.  She taught me how to identify the thoughts that make me angry and to swap it out with another thought.  Her workbooks and podcasts have me learning, and growing every day.  I am a better person thanks to Gretchen."


How do I work with Gretchen?
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Dale W.

"The " Unshakable" Program is very well designed, coherent and extremely informative. It reflects Gretchen's great coaching protocols and the compassion she brings to all her endeavors. Highly recommended."


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Xavier S. 

"So I am big on "FEELING" the right way on the inside, and when I feel at peace and comfortable, I KNOW I am in the right place!

THAT is what Gretchen did for me!

Between her soothing voice and energy of CARE, I was confident to move forward and work with her!"


How do I work with Gretchen?
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Ben S.

"Gretchen is a rare talent. She has a special combination of active listening, empathy and coaching/teaching talent. She can adjust and focus these talents in an organized fashion to meet her client’s situation whether that is lean methods coaching, introduction of new tools for a specific situation or honest feedback on recent performance. Above and beyond that, she has an easy communication style, good sense of humor and will make herself available for consulting, check-ins or a sympathetic ear when needed."

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Niall O.

"Gretchen coached me during her time in the Biotech industry.  With Gretchen's guidance I learned the skills needed to see and solve long standing problems.  Under her watchful eye, and with the help of the myriad of tools at her disposal, I developed a structured approach to streamlining processes.  She worked hard to make the hard work of change easy, and persevered when my old ways of working tried to hold me back.  The best part was Gretchen never made this feel like work because her ready smile and warm personality."

How do I work with Gretchen?