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The self paced, online courses listed below are included in the Unshakable programs.  Courses may be added to 1:1 Individual Journeys.  All courses are broken into bite size modules to fit into your life.  Each course comes with a workbook and exercises to give you clarity, traction, relief and results.

I believe in authenticity, simplicity and personalized teaching.  My style is to use a white board, simple drawings, a few slides and LOTS of real world examples.  I share examples from my personal life, professional life in the Biotech industry and examples from coaching my clients over the past several years.  I honor my client's privacy by speaking in enough generality to protect their identity.  The examples are powerful and meant to help accelerate your progress.

Emotional Freedom

Reduce your anxiety, depression and frustration by reprogramming your triggers. Learn & apply Mindset tools to objectively see the world and think intentionally.  Use effective diagnositic tools to help you shift yourself, and those around you, from a Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset.  Accelerate your progress with specific shifts in common mindset pain points.

Course Syllabus

Introduction: What is Emotional Freedom
Using Emotional Load as a measurement. Understanding your peaks, valleys and danger zones. Setting measurable goals for your Emotional Freedom.

Module 1: How to Get Emotional Freedom
Introduction to mindset, the brain's process, mindset with others, willpower vs. intentional thinking, growth mindset, and freedom.

Module 2: Practice & Prove What's Possible
Quick Relief with Mind Management - just the facts, processing feelings, getting present. 
Permanent Relief with Mindset Management - working backwards, thought shopping, intermediate thoughts.

Module 3: Intentional Mindset Shifting
Casual vs. dedicated approach.  Decreasing pain, increasing joy, support system, watchouts, routines.

Module 4: Common Areas of Pain
Letting Go of the Past, Being Right, Feedback, Believing opposing things, Rule Books & Roles, Scarcity vs. Abundance.

Module 5: New Routine & Support
Objective review, finding unhelpful thoughts & beliefs, prioritizing for your best interest, the support system at My Freedom Grove.

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Included in Unshakable Women
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Defense Mechanisms

Improve your personal & professional relationships.  Gain a deeper understanding of people's actions and how to help.  Develop safe & effective approaches.  Learn how to identify the 26 different psychological defense mechanisms and the typical pain behind them.  Establish and honor healthy boundaries that respect all parties involved.


Introduction: How defense mechanisms get in the way of a healthy relationship
Shifting the focus to resolve the pain.

Module 1: Go Forth with Compassion
 Learn these 3 essential components to gain trust, appreciation and effectiveness.

Module 2 Defense Mechanisms & Typical Underlying Pain
Learn about and be able to identify the 6 categories and 26 specific psychological defense mechanisms.  Learn the typical pain behind each and how to resolve it.  Common, Control, and Persuasive Control, Self Control and Shame defense mechanisms.

Module 3: Seeing the Dynamic
Now that you can recognize defense mechanisms being expressed by you and others, what do you do?  In this module you will learn how to use The Framework tool to identify the right problem to address.

Module 4: The Journey & the Lighthouse

Recognizing defense mechanisms and then deciding to go on the journey to resolve the pain are two different things.  This is an important distinction to make when you are embarking on a change journey. Or when you are trying to help someone else to change or resolve their pain.

In this module you will learn the phases every human goes through during a change journey. 

The Journey: Understanding the psychological steps for transformation or processing an individual change will give you a deeper understanding of yourself and others.  Learn what is needed to move from one step to the next and why you would want to move forward. Gain insight to define the exact right person to be your guide on your journey.  

The Lighthouse: You have everything you need to be the perfect guide in another person's storm.  Use this information to recognize where someone else is on their journey. You will have the competence and confidence to know exactly how to meet them where they are, and the steps to get them moving forward.

Module 5: When to walk away
An introduction to boundary work.

Module 6: Getting Complete
Decrease your emotional load.  Learn how to get complete and get on to living your life with Emotional Freedom.

Included in Unshakable Men
Included in Unshakable Women
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Unstoppable - Achieve Any Goal

Develop a new way of thinking and doing that empowers you to achieve any goal without the need for willpower or jeopardizing your mental health.  Master The Clarity Steps goal achievement system.  Based on the Scientific Method and LEAN methodology used in World Class Manufacturing plants around the world.


Repetitive experimental and empathic thinking guarantees success.  In this course you will learn and apply The Clarity Steps, a systematic new way of thinking and doing that eliminates black & white thinking.  It will have you making progress, clearing the way, and respecting your needs while you achieve any goal in your life, relationships or business. 

 Dissolve overwhelm and customize your steps to honor your own lifestyle preferences, timeline, thinking & working style.  The system is fully adaptable for any size or complexity of goal.  

 And it is easy enough for people ages 5-99 to use.

Not sure it will work for your goal? This course will give you full examples of how this was used to:

  • Decrease Depression & Anxiety
  • Create a New Exercise Routine that doesn't cause physical or emotional pain
  • Solve a Sensory Issue for an Autistic Child
  • Improve Coaching Skills
  • Improve a Marriage
  • Figure Out a Start up Business with Work/Life Balance

You will map out your own measurable journey, develop a new routine, and ensure clarity, focus and momentum with weekly goal coaching calls. 

Module 1: Being Intential
Creating Vision, Metrics, Customizable Steps and your personal or team requirements

Module 2: The Hidden Secret: Empathic Listening
Empathic listening, obstacles are gold, collecting data & prioritizing, eliminating overwhelm with constraint, gold to diamonds (repurposing your obstacles for future success)

Module 3: Solving Puzzles & Moving Mountains
Finding the root cause to process, behavior and mindset obstacles, Designing & Executing experiments, Lessons Learned, Celebrating the wins

Module 4: Getting in the Swing of It
See all the pieces of the system, how they work together, and the weekly routine that keeps you clear, focused, making traction and taking care of your mental health

Module 5: Does this Really Work on Anything?
YES!  This module will go into details, including the obstacles and experiments, for the examples listed above.

Module 6: New Routine
How the coaching calls, templates and community of My Freedom Grove can help you.

Paper templates for your Clarity Step System
Electronic spreadsheet version of templates for your Clarity Step System

Included in Unshakable Men
Included in Unshakable Women
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