Episode #61 Should I Quit My Job & Start a Business?

February 19, 2021


Inspiration to start a business is everywhere.  Perhaps you dabbled with a few ideas.  You started to realize it's possible for you, but it would take some effort.

Then you go to work.  It’s a paycheck.  You used to love it.  But now, it’s just dread.  The work stress, team dynamics, lack of promotion, and don’t even get you started about your boss!  Work life balance switched to work life integration...meaning 24/7.  Yikes!  You want to have a life!

The thought of quitting brings a huge sigh of relief!  The freedom!  The REAL schedule flexibility.  Full creative license.  Making a HUGE impact on what matters most to you. The freedom to work with people you love, doing what you love. The unlimited earning potential. It's the dream life!

Then fear sets in.  Are you really willing to give up the steady paycheck, insurance and learn all the things?  It's a blank slate...and a dark abyss at the same time.  There are so many unknowns.

Sit back.  Breathe.  Let’s look at all the stuff to help you make the best decision for yourself.


[2:43] Start working with coaches before you quit

[ 5:49] Get some inspiration on living an entrepreneurial life

[9:01) A personal growth journey is required

[13:50] Build up your skillset

[15:45] Look for business models all around you

[[19:24] Questions to ask yourself

[30:22] It’s Possible to Fall in Love with Your Job Again or Develop Before You Leap - stay in the arena to experiment and learn how to not take things personally, love feedback, make a big impact, how to influence others, develop your material, resolve toxic relationships or toxic environments

[40:38] Making your decision - which is best for you?

[42:38] Being your own boss - the glory and the watchouts

[45:54] Question to help you decide

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