Men, it is time for you to THRIVE, not just survive


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We all have those times when it feels like LIFE isn't working.

Things go haywire, or come in sideways to knock you off track.

Sometimes life doesn't make any sense and everything seems to be falling apart.

You had big dreams, but they seem to be fading fast.  And when you try to talk with anybody about it, it always seems to backfire.

Don't give up.  You just need a different support system and tools.

We've got your back! The Unshakable Men's Online Group Coaching Program is here for you!

With a skilled mindset & business coach, all the best cognitive behavior, mindset and business tools and a community of compassionate, like minded men, you'll be Unshakable and Unstoppable.


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To maintain the quality of this program, new members start on the 1st of each month.  Enrollment happens during the last week of each month.


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When you join us, you will embark on a customized journey.  The program is structured to meet you where you are and guide you to where you want to go.  The Unshakable program is designed around these 4 key aspects.


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Emotional Freedom

Reclaim your peace and joy.  Redesign your thought processes to resolve past pains, thrive in the present and enjoy your life.

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Unshakable Authenticity

Grow to celebrate your authentic self and the value you bring.  Discover your courage, capability and confidence.

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Amazing Relationships

Create relationships that work for you personally and professionally.  Grow unconditional love, respect and appreciation.

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Unstoppable Purpose

Ignite the fire within you & create your legacy at work, in your community or running your own business without fail.

What You Can Expect from the Unshakable Program

If you choose to join us, you will go on a journey of personal development. We will be covering a new topic each month that falls under one of the 4 Components to be Unshakable:

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Emotional Freedom

Reclaim your peace and joy.  Redesign your thought processes to release past pains and enjoy your life.

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Unshakable Authenticity

Grow to celebrate your authentic self and the value you bring.  Discover your courage, capability and confidence.

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Amazing Relationships

Create relationships that work for you personally and professionally.  Grow unconditional love, respect and appreciation.

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Unstoppable Purpose

Ignite the fire within you & create your legacy at work, in your community or running your own business without fail.

It's Time You Have the Support You Need, When You Need It

Gone are the days where men were expected to be born knowing how to do everything perfectly.  

The most successful men are the ones always learning, practicing and working with a coach.  Just look at any business leader, actor, or professional athlete.

The world has evolved to provide you the tools and resources you need for life, relationships and business.

The Unshakable Program provides what you want and need in a modern, affordable way so we can all rise together.

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Paul K.

"I am here to say how my life has changed by my coach, mentor and new friend Gretchen.  She was able to solve circumstances in my life through her extensive education and ability to find root causes to life's adversities.  I finally realized that you can not solve and be content in life situations without help.  Our mindset is very important in the way we feel daily.  If you keep swirling about past, present or future decisions, Gretchen is just a text or email away.  Gretchen CAN and WILL help you thru real life situations you can't handle on your own."

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Xavier S. 

"So I am big on "FEELING" the right way on the inside, and when I feel at peace and comfortable, I KNOW I am in the right place!

THAT is what Gretchen did for me!

Between her soothing voice and energy of CARE, I was confident to move forward and work with her!"


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Here's How it Works


"Choose Your Own Adventure"

Several self development courses, live coaching and recorded coaching sessions are available on a variety of topics.  Start by picking the topic that matters to you most.  Next decide if you prefer self guided, directly coached, watching how others are coached for results or a combination of all of these.

Self Development Courses

Fully contained online courses, divided into bite size pieces, with workbooks, will help you get from Point A to Point B (your results).

How to Have Emotional Freedom - Permanantly resolve the root cause of your unnecessary suffering. 

Letting Go of Defense Mechanisms - Live life as your authentic self, develop your coaching skills and have deeper, more meaningful relationships.

Unstoppable: How to Achieve Any Goal - Apply The Clarity Steps system to make failure non-existant.


Weekly Live Coaching Calls

Live coaching calls happen over Zoom.  During these group coaching calls, only one participant will appear on screen with Gretchen at a time.  All other participants will observe until they volunteer for a turn. Participants can choose if they wish to remain an observer only.  Participants do not interact with each other, nor leave comments.  This will feel similar to 1:1 coaching. Calls last for one hour.

Weekly Personal Coaching Call - Mindset, Relationship or Business Challenges

Weekly Goal Coaching Call - Clarity Step system setup, check-in or experiment coaching

Library of Recorded Coaching Calls

24/7 access to recordings of personal and goal coaching calls.  Our struggles are more common than we realize.  Watching someone else get coached on your same struggle will provide you the support you need, any time of the day.


Private, Men's Only Facebook Group exclusive to Unshakable program members

  • Connect with other like minded men that are using the same tools and concepts
  • Support and encourage each other as you are doing the work
  • Share and inspire each other with your stories, experiences and outcomes
  • Ongoing support from Gretchen between coaching calls
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You Partner Will Support You In This

Your partner cares about you.  But they may not have the time, skills or resources to support you when you need it the most.  Relationships is one of the Key Aspects of the Unshakable Program.  Not only will you be the confident, calm partner they'll appreciate.  You will also develop the skills to coach them when they need you.

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Pierre W. 

"I hold Gretchen in the highest regard, and endorse her coaching style and methods to addressing hurts, habits and hang-ups.  Working with Gretchen I was able to achieve challenging career objectives, improve my personal and professional relationships and focus on a greater balance in my life.  I would say she is the complete package, focused, reflective, practical and supportive.  I would recommend Gretchen and her coaching without any reservation."

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Jason H.

“The Unshakable program gives me the tools, the guidance and support I need to work through things that would otherwise be unsaid by breaking it down and removing the stigma of discussing. Helping to rapidly make progress where slow or no progress would otherwise be made.

Gretchen has a unique way of working you through your goals or problems that gets you the clarity that you only dreamed of!”

Your Boss Will See the Benefit

Many companies are now covering the coaching expenses for their employees.  Mindset and Business Coaching not only improves team dynamics and personal performance, it can also bring about a substantial business benefit.  Even better, the skills you learn in the Unshakable Program can be applied at work and incorporated on your resume.  Check with your boss if you can submit your receipts for reimbursement from the employee development fund or the Employee Assistance Program.  Small businesses may be able to claim this as a business expense on their taxes.

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Ben S.

Gretchen is a rare talent. She has a special combination of active listening, empathy and coaching/teaching talent. She can adjust and focus these talents in an organized fashion to meet her client’s situation whether that is lean methods coaching, introduction of new tools for a specific situation or honest feedback on recent performance. Above and beyond that, she has an easy communication style, good sense of humor and will make herself available for consulting, check-ins or a sympathetic ear when needed.


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Chris N.

Gretchen has a no-nonsense approach. The most important quality of a coach for me is their willingness and ability to listen to truly hear what I am trying to say. Gretchen listened to understand, then with the utmost compassion, she asked powerful questions to guide me through the Clarity Steps to potential solutions. Emphasis on potential, because she then inspired me to test and learn from the results, so that I could adjust as needed in order to finally achieve my goal. If you are feeling strong or feeling fragile, Gretchen will meet you there and empower you to find exactly what you are looking for, with a side of what you need.

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Niall O.

"Gretchen coached me during her time in the Biotech industry.  With Gretchen's guidance I learned the skills needed to see and solve long standing problems.  Under her watchful eye, and with the help of the myriad of tools at her disposal, I developed a structured approach to streamlining processes.  She worked hard to make the hard work of change easy, and persevered when my old ways of working tried to hold me back.  The best part was Gretchen never made this feel like work because her ready smile and warm personality."

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Dale W.

"The " Unshakable" Program is very well designed, coherent and extremely informative. It reflects Gretchen's great coaching protocols and the compassion she brings to all her endeavors. Highly recommended."



Shy to Share in Front of Others?

The world may not always be kind to men who speak about their feelings and their viewpoints.  That is not the case at My Freedom Grove's Unshakable Program.  This is a SAFE space to speak, share your story and apply coaching tools to achieve relief.  Everybody here wants to support you and lift you up to have your best life.

This is an LGBTQ friendly, non-partisan, mental health positive, diversity loving group.

We respect your freedom of choice.

If you are not ready to share:

  • Experiece a personal benefit observing other people share their stories and get coached.  Although their circumstance may be different than yours, you will be surprised how the lesson still applies to you or resolves issues that were buried in your subconscious.
  • The personal development courses are self directed.  All of the work you do remains private.

When you are ready to share:

Something magical happens when you have the courage to be vulnerable.  When you share your story and engage in coaching, it helps others discover their courage to do the same.   Your healing starts a ripple effect of community healing.

All coaching call recordings and community forum messages will not be shared outside of the Unshakable program.

General themes may be shared on the My Freedom Grove podcast without providing any identifying information about an individual.  Your privacy is always protected.


This program isn’t for everyone...

This is a place for empathy and action.  The coaching will be gentle, but it requires members to be ready to be coached on resolving the root cause of their pain.  Everybody's healing journey goes through stages.  If you are still in the early stages of your journey and not ready for coaching, that is OK.  We'll be here when you are ready.

If you are interested in short term quick fixes, this is not the program for you. Permanent relief requires working on each individual thought causing the pain.  The quantity, difficulty level and your readiness will determine the duration of your journey.

If you want to talk about politics, religion or deny people their freedom of thought, self expression, sexual orientation, or culture, this is not the program for you.

But if you believe that personal development and connection is what this life is about, you’re in the right place.

If you’re looking for tools and a network of support that will enable you to become the next version of yourself, then you’re one of us.

If you are ready to be the hero of your own story, then let’s do this!

Enrollment is now open until Tuesday, March 31st.

Monthly membership

$149 per month

Your membership includes access to core lessons as well as monthly lessons and calls. 

Upon enrollment, you will have immediate access to the core lessons. 

Starting on the first of the month you will be granted access to the monthly lessons and calls.

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You Matter to Us

We want to be available when you need us the most. 

This is a Monthly Membership with a price of $149 per month.

You can join at any time.  It is month to month.  Stay for the time that is right for you.

We can't wait to welcome you to the group.

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